BA (Hons) Illustration Degree Show 2024

Equipment List

Making materials - pens, paints and physical stuff
We realise that how you make your work is very personal but here is a basic list of what we would expect you to be bringing to studio sessions each week. You dont need to bring all this every time (and in fact we will often ask you to being specific things to specific sessions) but we expect you to have access to all this stuff over your first year. Strictly NO GLITTER.
Places to shop: 

  • We like the shop on Parkside Campus at BCU, Cass Art, Tiger to buy things from.
  • We also like a rummage round in The Works, Poundland, Hobbycraft and DIY shops too for weird stuff.
  • Bizarrely you can often find good stuff in TKMaxx and Homesense too...


Tech and things that plug in - digital stuff

You can access and hire a lot of equipment at BCU but for your first year the most valuable thing you can have is a smart phone and if you can stretch to it a good laptop. Lots of the creative industries use Apple products and although they are expensive a good Macbook laptop bought in your first year will easily last you all through your studies with us and probably well into your first job after. As staff we dont recommend the use of ipads in your first year as we find it limits skill building and exploration - we will talk about this more in the first week of the course.

Places to shop:

  • CEX is excellent for 2nd hand laptops - its more expensive than ebay but everything comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Apple education pricing though Unidays gives you about 10-15% off the list price and there are often other incentives such as free Airpods too.
  • Apple refurb is another good option - second hand but returned to Apple, refurbed and boxed with a year warranty and up to a 20% discount.